When did you do yours last?

High fire risk area's Mundaring, Roleystone etc. May consider gutter cleaning twice a year, especially when considering chemical drift

Fire risk is significant in some areas, dry leaf matter can be swift to ignite, but apart from that in metal based gutters, decomposition of the gutters may be hastened with windblown dusts, dirt, decomposing leaves etc REMAINING DAMP FOR LONGER PERIODS.

But Carcinogens are a considerable concern, especially so with Gutters Feeding Drinking Water Tanks.

(Australian Cotton Growers claim to have lost successive Crops due to others spraying, what's  surprising to me,  is  The Governments claim, being that such "Over" sprays could have travelled 50 Kilometers and still had the toxicity  to destroy literally thousand of acres of crops, regularly. 

DO YOU SEE?              DID YOU fail to  NOTICE???

Government  express concern as to Financial loss, to cotton crops through "spray drift",

 But Absolutely no mention of Risk to Women, Children, stock or Environment, if drinking from tanks fed from contaminated gutters, within such distances.

What other Cleaning Service, is advising you of Carcinogenic Risk?  And if it is worthy, well, why NOT?

Most of us just never think of things like this, in the State of Western Australia with by far to high an incidence of Breast Cancer.
To me, Rainwater is the very best, God given, but sadly mankind has been messing about with it.

Guttersnipe Mucksuckers
Are on a Labour of love, as far as keeping carcinogens away from Children.

Our concern is Domestic Human, Stock or Horticulture RAINWATER Tanks or Holding Tanks, within any windblown distance of Tips, or contaminated sites, even properly applied sprays, can be subject to possible contamination via windblown dust or debris.

Demolition sites are able to disperse previous Termiticides, such as Dieldrin and Chlorpyrifos, which Carcinogens are not only able to be found in Breast, Colon, Prostate Cancers but yes of course, Child Leukemia, of which I believe Perth has the highest per capita, within Australia, but sadly, can also transgress multi-generations, Granny to Grandchild.

What a legacy. 

If that is true, why on Earth didn't you know about it?

With W.A. Govt: predicting an about 35% increase in all these Cancers within the next decade.

Sadly people just don't seem to consider such risks to the Rainwater Tanks or their Families, not their fault, should the Govts neglect to advise properly or consistently.

High Fire risk areas can quite cheaply clean Gutters twice a year "Guttersnipe Mucksuckers", can access two stories high comfortably, mostly without having to access the roof

Tree Lopping, firebreak trimming service available.

Maybe our second love being the environment. We can also install Bird or native Fauna Nesting Boxes up to 15 Meters high. (that is not nesting boxes of 15 meters height of course), but if you make them, please make multi nesting boxes, nor singular, the native fauna have a housing crisis In Perth area, and the cost will work out cheaper per tenant

YOU, could fit cameras into such nesting boxes, to be able to observe the occupants, that you have invited into your lives, GREAT ENTERTAINMENT, for the Children and Grandchildren.

Handyman Gutter Repairs, down pipe clearance.

Country Travel can be arranged

Horses for courses, each job can be different, Residential no mess, vacuum recommended,

Farm Sheds maybe quicker with water blasting

An owner Operator, is usually keen to exceed and provide a superior Service.